operating your power networks for you

Adoption of Private / Licensed Exempt Networks

UAL adopt a developerís private network and run it on your behalf subject to any condition survey. We provide distribution services to the same or higher standard as if the network was owned and operated by the incumbent distribution company.

You want to retain long term ownership aligned to building leases to provide you the future flexibility when a lease expires or is renewed. However network operation is not core to your business but you are reluctant to sacrifice that flexibility or the revenue streams when those leases are renewed but you donít have the ability to offer third party access.†

We can provide Building Network Operator services that allow your customers in multióoccupied building to switch electricity suppliers.

Traditional network operators have no lease and hand back arrangement as they provide connections at the primary exit point. You provide the supply arrangements but you may have an exposure to the Carbon Reduction Commitment Order. UAL can help you mitigate your exposure for the tax on the tenants usage but allow you to retain overall control of your network.

UAL may pay you a lease payment. We can discuss this with you.

® Distribution services to a licensed standard.

® Retention of your selected supplier or TPA

® Opportunity to place CRC Energy Efficiency scheme liabilities with the end user.

® Supplier landlord arrangements can be retained.

® Maximum commercial benefits can be realized.

® Asset value payment to reflect future revenue streams.

® Commercial agreements reflect the value of the investment

® Option to lease the network to UAL aligned to the building lease.

® UAL provide Asset Management (AM) for the life of the lease period

Building Mounted solar panels benefit from feed in tariffs only if you have a participating supplier. Any surplus power is delivered to the public network

Service Detail