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Adoption of Licensed Networks

Text Box: UAL hold an electricity distribution license and will operate the networks under the Distribution Code framework.

Some customers prefer this as an option over private wire when a development is freehold and not subject to lease arrangements with tenants. Occupiers retain  choice of electricity supplier and future operation, maintenance and repair reside with UAL for as long as a connection is in existence. UAL will be required to offer terms of connection to any one who asks even if unrelated to you and will require permanent access and ownership rights of all plant, equipment and operational buildings.  
UAL may pay an adoption payment for access to longer term revenue streams. We can discuss this with you
On most private networks developers procure  supplier services themselves. UAL can pass on the benefit of an aggregated portfolio and competitive pricing to offer lower energy prices from volume purchases. If we cannot we provide open access to the end user. We also provide the metering reading and billing services across the development.

¨ Developer has no liability for users of the network.

¨ Developer selects and appoints an accredited installer to construct the network

¨ UAL approve the design and adopt the assets when installed.

¨ UAL facilitate connection with incumbent electricity distributor  

¨ Customers choose their supplier

¨ Developer may receive an asset value payment

¨ UAL can provide connection services to other users on request, and make use of the installed asset without recourse to the developer.

¨ Plant and equipment may be utilized to support the general network infrastructure

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