operating your power networks for you

It would not. Our priority is owning and operating your power network. That will not change and providing the site develops as intended then the terms of our commercial agreement will be met in full.

No it isnít but it is unlikely that we will ever be the operator of a DSA and our business model is not geared to supply domestic customers. We would be obliged to offer terms for a new connection and providing their was no need to finance any reinforcement, our commercial offer would be competitive. If there was a need to reinforce upstream then the incumbent offer would probably beat ours if there was some capital support costs.

Our business is structured so that each project is self financing. Our networks are embedded (connected to the DSA operator) so we are only obliged to offer terms for connection if we own existing assets in that geographic location.† We offer terms if the new connection is financially viable. We will operate in a safe, efficient and economical manner but the economic aspect considers only the new network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Theoretically they could but most DNOs provide connection services because they have to not because they necessarily want to. The way DNOs are regulated† means they are not adding capital value to the balance sheet. The primary obligation is to act in the best interests of their customers to provide a safe, efficient and economical network. Their investment decisions are not made to the sole benefit a development like yours.

Question 6. Why can UAL offer this and not the DNO in the area of my development?

Question 7. So why does this not apply to UAL?

Question 8† And is this likely to always be the case?


. Why are Utility Assets different from the rest?

Question 9 How would that impact on me?

. Can I take control of my own programme?

Only because we have removed the complexities around the way a statutory utility has previously operated. You chose a network operator, you appoint the contractor, you build the asset and UAL will operate that for you under a commercial arrangement we agree up front.

We operate as a licensed distributor so the reliability and security of supply or no less than you would normally experience.

Contact us and without obligation, we will explain in more detail how this can work for you if you choose Utility Assets Ltd. as your network partner.†

Question 10.† Sounds too good to be true?