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Office of Gas and Electricity Markets.

The industry regulator responsible for Licensed Network Operators. This link takes you straight to the networks page.

Click here to navigate to our License Condition page on OFGEM electronic Public Register (ePR) and here for a copy of the licence.

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The Energy Networks Association

The industry body  for the UK wires and pipes companies.



The web site of the organization responsible for the governance of the Distribution Code to which all network operators comply with.


This link takes you to the Carbon Trust who have published some background information and provide other useful links.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme User Guide

click here for the link to Business Energy and Industrial Strategy web site and click here for licensing and regulation of the industry



The web site of the organization who administer the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) that is the accreditation scheme that all recognized competent contractors are assessed against.


The Balancing and Settlement Code Company


The Master Registration Agreement Service Company

Click here to visit our sister company web page




Click here to access a copy of all Standard License Conditions and on the link Electricity Distribution Standard Licence Conditions to view those under which we operate.

Click here for a copy of the Distribution Code

Click here to access all the Electricity Industry Codes



The Electricity and Gas (Internal Market) Regulations 2011.


Click here to view a copy of the regulations.

OFGEM guidance  for operators of licence exempt networks can be found here.