operating your power networks for you

The following provides a summary of the main services provided by Utility Assets. Your development will be a tenant / lease occupied or an owner / freehold site. These services† describe how we can tailor to your requirements .

Our Products & Services ó what we do

UAL adopt a developerís private network and run it on your behalf.

We provide distribution services to a high standard as if the network was owned and operated by the incumbent distribution company.

Adoption of private / license exempt networks

UAL hold an electricity distribution license and can operate the networks under the Distribution Code framework.

Some customers prefer this as an option over a licensed exempt network.

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Adoption of licensed networks

On most private networks developers procure† supplier services themselves.

UAL can pass on the benefit of an aggregated portfolio and competitive pricing to offer lower energy prices from volume purchases. If we cannot, we provide open access to the end user. We also provide the metering reading and billing services across the development.

Provision of supplier services

UAL asset management systems ensure that customers share the benefit of efficient O&M.

Reducing overall operation and maintenance costs, increasing reliability and meeting security of supply levels to satisfy customers demand.

Asset Management is what we do.

Provision of Asset Management

Provision of Energy Management Services (EMS)

Customerís seeking to improve their carbon footprint can make use of UAL EMS.

Energy Management Services buy in green energy. We also ensure the landlord supplierís exposure to the carbon taxes is minimized and improve energy efficiency.†††

Renewable Energy & RO

We encourage renewable distributed generation to be connected to our networks.

We positively promote developers installing renewable generation.


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