operating your power networks for you

Yes. Thatís exactly what we want to help you do. You manage your installation contract to your timetable, we liaise with your nominated representative and manage only the commercial interfaces with the incumbent network operator. You are free to choose who you want working on your development, subject to them meeting demonstrating abilities consistent with industry standards, and align your construction programmes to meet your critical dates.

We are able to tailor a commercial offer to suit your requirements and offer a range of services not provided by an incumbent network operator. Because we do not maintain a Distribution Service Area (DSA) we are not encumbered with aged assets; a legacy of old plant and equipment that is high on maintenance and high in replacement cost.

A brief description of our services is described in the service list but our aim is make installation and running your power network a whole lot easier and relieve you of third party access obligations that all license exempt networks are exposed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

A power network operator providing innovative solutions to commercial and retail developers. The† power networks market is dominated by 6 operators providing a range of network services to all customers. Our focus is on a defined market sector so we can tailor our services to individual needs while operating within the constraints of the regulatory regime.††

Question 1. Who are Utility Assets Limited?

Question 2. What can we do?

Question 3. Why are Utility Assets different from the rest?

Question 4. Can I take control of my own programme?

Less than you would pay with the incumbent network operator. Your installation costs are less, delivery is on time and handover takes place smoothly leaving you to concentrate on occupying your commercial space. UAL benefit from network ownership and share those benefits with you. Your overall cost is likely to be less than charged by the Statutory Undertaking and you see more of the benefits.

Question 5. And how much will this cost me?