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Wind, Solar PV, Hydro, anaerobic digestion and small scale domestic micro CHP of < 2kW

Renewables, RO and Feed In Tariffs

Feed in Tariffs were introduced under the Energy Act 2008 and became available to generators of some forms of renewable energy in April 2010. RO remains the primary support mechanism for larger generators.

UAL provide an alternative solution for connection and operation of renewable generation plant above 5MW. .

The government has reviewed the qualifying FIT technologies and has published a number of consultation documents over the last 2 years. Large renewable schemes no longer qualify for FIT but access RO.

Talk to UAL about our recent track record facilitating new renewable schemes

 We release embedded generation benefits within supply PPA.

 Additional payments are accessible when generated electricity is exported to the public network

 We work with developers and supplier secure favorable connection terms.

 Our processes when possible adapt to suit developers requirements and programme.

 UAL support RO accreditation

 Larger scale plant sit outside of FIT.

 UAL can facilitate voluntary registration to access feed in tariffs although this is now diminishing.

Renewable Energy