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Making energy & power work for you is our business.†



Welcome to Utility Assets Ltd.†

We were the seventh Independent Distribution Network Operator, IDNO, awarded a distribution license by Ofgem in March 2011.

Utility Assets are an innovative, flexible electricity network operator who provide electricity distribution services aimed at primarily at multi-occupied residential buildings and the commercial and retail market, e.g. data centres, business parks and retail shopping and distributed generators.††

Utility Assets Ltd. manage electricity distribution networks through an innovative business model that reflects a developerís lease or freehold space and provides solutions for Third Party Access, TPA. We take on the role of Building Network Operator (BNO) in multi-occupied residential buildings, working with our sister company Q Heat Ltd. where those customers are supplied heat from communal or district heating system.†

Utility Assets adopt extra high, high and low voltage† assets from developers and provide distribution services to the end use customers.

Utility Assets bring commercial opportunities to developers and facilitate network infrastructure installation at a reduced capital cost.

Utility Assets work with developers to provide† technical and commercial solutions on your power infrastructure project that you seek.

For more information, email us at enquiries@utilityassets.co.uk

For an emergency relating to an incident on our system please contact 151